18 December 2013

This week our Managing Director, Tim Solway, attended the Print Networking Club Christmas conference, well party really. The impressive and inspirational Dr Kate Stone, presented her exciting invention using a combination of sound and print, amazing. Dr Kate, having successfully established her company, Novalia,  has been able to bring print to life through the integration of traditional print and modern electronics. This combination of art and science has created an unique way of advertising to 21st century consumers.

“The technology is simple, but we are just really creative about what you can use it for”

– Dr Kate Stone

Kate Stone Drum Poster Novalia Print Industry duplexing embossing foiling

Dr Kate Stones Drum Poster at the Print Networking Club Christmas conference | Solways printers Quality Printing London

“Working with some innovative sound technology we have turned the whole surface of the poster into a speaker.”

– Dr Kate Stone

At a recent TED conference, Dr Stone unveiled Novalia’s futuristic take on a music gig poster which the drum images create different sounds when pressed. Tim managed to try the poster out for himself and explained that not only do you hear the beats, but you feel them as well.

At Solways we can see this has HUGE potential. Especially when combined with high-end print processes such as duplexing, embossing & foiling.

Check out the video to see exactly what we mean:

People have the view that print is a declining medium. However, this idea is a fantastic example of how print is fighting back. This concept carries a huge about of commercial potential for companies and it is just the start of its evolution. In a world where paper and monitors are often seen as mutually limited, Novalia has proved there can be a connection between the two. Dr Kate Stone is unquestionably pushing the boundaries of the print industry.

It's the beat. Kate Stones interactive drum poster | Solways Quality Printing London

It's the beat. Dr Kate Stones interactive drum poster | Solways Quality Printing London

You can purchase your very own drum poster here:

BANG THE DRUM – PAPER MAKES MUSIC | Posted by Joe Sayer | Intern at Solways Printers | Quality Printing London since 1967

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