Edge painted business cards | Quality Printing London

23 March 2021

  Printlogic Solways edge painting service. With the vaccination rollout we can be positive about the future. Soon we will be able to meet again. Make your business card create the best impression when you meet new clients ….  with EDGE PAINTED business cards. We are so excited to share some of the results with […]

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Printlogic Solways Christmas Opening Hours 2020 | Quality Printing London

18 December 2020

  Printlogic / Solways will be closed from 5pm on Wednesday 23rd December and will reopen at 9am on Monday 4th January 2021. … Sending Christmas Cheer Despite the Year to all our clients, friends and suppliers. Merry Christmas – there are better times ahead in 2021.   Printlogic Solways are here to help with […]

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Bespoke Christmas cards 2020 | Solways Printers Quality printing London

2 December 2020

LAST ORDERS – CHRISTMAS CARDS It is not too late to tell your clients that you are well and looking forward to better times.  Perhaps consider a New Year Card to arrive in January 2021.  Get in touch with Tim Solway on 07973 279 969 or e-mail: Tim at tim@printlogic.co.uk. You might prefer to use […]

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Quality printed magazines | Quality Printing London

26 October 2020

Bill Gates talks to FINITO WORLD.    Once again we are delighted and honoured to print the largest edition of FINITO WORLD magazine yet! 152 pages of news and comment from the worlds most successful educational and business leaders. Subscribe to the Finito World print editions today using this link:  FINITO WORLD PRINT EDITION Digital […]

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Luxury printed magazines | Quality Printing London

5 May 2020

We are thrilled to have been asked by our friends at Finito to print the very first edition of their new magazine, Finito World, which launched last week. The new edition featured probably the greatest business brain in advertising that the UK has seen in recent years, Sir Martin Sorrell!  Take a look at our […]

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A message from Solways | Quality Printing London

31 March 2020

In light of the current public health crisis we are doing everything we can to keep our families, friends and clients safe. We would love to stay in touch throughout this period. Find out how you can contact us.

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Scented paper | Quality Printing London

6 March 2020

Scented paper creates a luxury product. Buy yours from Solways Printers Quality printing london

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Binding books, catalogues and brochures | Quality Printing London

3 March 2020

  Posted by Tim Solway | Talk directly to me dial 07973 279 969 or e-mail on tim@printlogic.co.uk Printlogic Solways Printers offer specialist finishing processes associated with quality book production  such as;  foil blocking, embossing, die-cutting, duplexing and bespoke watermarked paper. MUST HAVE PRINT KNOWLEDGE: This month we have been discussing the merits of the various […]

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Print vs digital marketing – which works best? | Quality Printing London

2 March 2020

Unleash the power of paper and ink. Let your design, paper texture and print processes make your brand stand out to create IMPACT, EMOTION and RECALL.  Printlogic Solways Printers champion the power of print and we say print will win and retain clients.   Take a look at the video below to see why you should […]

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Bespoke Christmas cards 2019 | Solways Printers Quality printing London

25 September 2019

Christmas is less than 100 days away! Printlogic Solways are already busy with luxury Christmas cards. This year many of our design & creative clients have chosen GF Smith papers. They have such a variety of top quality papers, outstanding, full of emotion and impact. These papers are great for: duplexed (thick) business cards, triplexed (even […]

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