CONGRATULATIONS to Antalis papers

1 January 2024

We have printed on Conqueror paper for over 40 years, the premium letterhead paper for decades. 

In September 2022 the paper maker, ArjoWiggins Scotland Limited, went into administration with many ArjoWiggins paper mills across the globe being sold. 

We were pleased to read today that ANTALIS, the UK distributor for ArjoWiggings brands in the UK, has acquired the portfolio of ArjoWiggins brands not only Conqueror but the Curious Collection, Keaykolour and Pop’set. All products that we have printed on over many years! 

Take a look at this link: ANTALIS. This will give you the broader printing industry view. 


Conqueror Paper

Conqueror paper at Printlogic Solways Printers.





















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