Craft workshop at Solways | Quality printing London

29 October 2012

Today I was delighted to welcome K4 Creative to Solways.  Solways have offered to K4 Creative a free craft workshop, K4 is one of London’s leading creative agencies. K4 wanted to push back the boundaries of print by using traditional craft based print process so that they could deliver outstanding advice to their brand leading clients. We gave K4 a number of ideas how they could create print with impact. This I hope will be a new business winning formulae for K4.

The InformaTour was scheduled to take 70 minutes however we were so engrossed that we wrapped things up after two hours of talking and walking arround the factory.

Check out what K4 Creative are doing – look for K4 visit to Solways.

If you too are excited about the power of print and paper and would like to visit our factory to lean more about craft printing then please give me, Tim Solway, a call. After all fine design requires top quality print and paper !

Thank you for your time K4 it was great to meet you.

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