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3 January 2013

Quality printing at Solways Printers

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Solways have always recommended staying away from the ordinary. Make your print really work for your business. This approach will win new clients and increase profits. A worthy objective for 2013.

How do you do this? Think in three dimensions.

1. A good design from a qualified Graphic Designer. This relationship should be maintained as with each print project the graphic designer will better understand your business and will be able to provide creative solutions that will unlesh emotions associated with a beautifully printed item. Solways are happy to introduce to you our graphic design contacts as we work with over 100 Graphic Designers throughout the UK.

2. Printing techniques by Solways. You have used digital and litho printing. It is now time to consider other print processes and inks to make your print have a permanence. Consider: Thermography which gives the type an embossed feel; so tactile; Foil blocking in Silver or Gold which provides such elegance; Blind Embossing which adds to the feel by raising the type/image without the need for ink; Consider metallic inks and coloured foil. Solways craft knowledge will help you receive the best advice.

3. Paper choice, Solways favourite specialist paper supplier. Having a top quality paper is the third component. GF Smith is the UK’s leading paper merchant for the supply of top quality specialist papers. G F Smith have many different paper textures and colours for your print project. With your material choice, a thick board, good paper weight with a matching envelope is also important. ULTRA THICK duplexed and triplexed cards have become very popular, call me to discuss how you can create an ultra thick duplexed business card.

These three pointers will give your print project a good start and I would be more than delighted to help you with your further deliberations. Thanks for your time today and best wishes for the year ahead.  Regards Tim Solway


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