SOLWAYS BRAND CONTROL at your fingertips. Solways Brand Control allows your clients access to brand-governed templates of print and non-print related collateral over the web, anytime, anywhere and in different languages.

View, amend, proof and order anything from standard stock to personalised products via your own store front on the web. Our software can even allow you to manage cross channel marketing thus offering a true cross media solution.

This product is ideal for corporates who want: more control of their brand, cost reduction, a less cumbersome procurement process, a simpler process for minor artwork changes, the ability to use the branded materials within both the physical and digital space, enable a transparent control on all items being ordered and costs associated for all locations both nationally and worldwide.

Solways Brand Control is a strong platform for your business and provides an invaluable tool. Protects brand integrity, artwork amendment with proofing, maintenance of brand consistency for printed products, cuts administration costs, with client data secure. Easy to use – a cloud based delivery, upscalable without issue, client access to their marketing assets, variable data and personalisation available, QR code generation to link to your smart phone or tablet, a variety of payment options, and cross media applications.

This product will increase client profitability !

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