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8 October 2013

Thermographic printing is a process that embosses the lettering with the use of ink, thermoghraphic powder and heat.

This printing process is sometimes known as thermo printing, heat emboss printing with the most popular, thermographic printing.

The most common use is for top quality business cards and luxury gilt bevelled edged invitations. These we offer in both gold and silver edges and in a number of sizes with the most popular being 5” x 7” (127mm x 178mm).

Be aware that due to the heat process used there is often a curl to the sheet and the degree of curl depends on the weather at the time along with the moisture content of the paper. Solways have been known to place the thermographed finished sheets in the fridge to speed the curl reduction process. As yet not one member of staff has mistaken one of our luxury invitations for his lunch !

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  1. Eesha & Bhavesh

    Could you please provide a rough quote for 150 Thermoprinted wedding invitations:
    – white card (~ 600g)
    – red edges
    – grey font

    And also envelopes (plain).
    Thank you

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