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4 February 2013

When my son Hugo was 9 years old, the most popular game was TOP TRUMPS. Playground pecking order was decided by who held the most impressive card. Now everyone knows the difference between men and boys is the size of their toys, so in the Executive Playground  business card game, holding the top scoring card remains crucial…!

Adrianna, our lovely Intern at Solways,  has been putting together some sample packs of our most talked about business cards from the last six months. Some of the wonderful comments from our brilliant clients  have made the Solways team blush with pride….

So go on, time to create your own bit of BUSINESS CARD ENVY – and be remembered for holding the most impressive business card in the room …. (and being brilliant at Top Trumps)

Call Adrianna at Solways for more information on how Solways can help your business. E-mail or 0207 407 2875



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