23 October 2012

Triplex business card

TIPLEX business card with impact by Solways

The power of stationery is not to be underestimated. For those of you  who appreciate the impact of THICK business cards you may wish to consider using a TRIPLEXED business card. Effectively we are sandwiching a coloured board between the two front and back materials to dramatic effect. The front and back materials are able to receive LITHO printing, embossing, foil blocking (perhaps with clear foil) to create a stunning end result.

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One Response to “TRIPLEXING all the rage ! – QUALITY PRINTING LONDON”

  1. Adrian Metcalfe

    I’m interested in printing a business card using triplex. I need the front to be white, back to be grey, and the middle to be orange. A logo on the back needs clear foil. I need @250 off. Could you tell me:
    1. If this is something yu can cater for
    2. The cost implication

    Thank you very much.


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