VACANCY for paid INTERN at Solways Printers of London SE1

3 November 2014


Solways have been running an INTERN program for the past three years.

Sadly it is time for our current intern, Joe, to leave us for fresh pastures. We will undoubtedly miss his fine skills, attention to detail and great personality. He has been a worthy member of the Solways team for the past twelve months.

If you would like to take over from Joe and are interested in the printing industry with a design / communication higher education qualification, please get in contact. This is a modestly PAID position (min wage) with a great opportunity to learn business skills in a fast moving working environment.

Please ask Joe to send you a job description by e-mail. His e-mail is

Start date would be Monday 1st December 2014.

Thanks for looking – Best regards Tim Solway



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