900gsm luxury THICK business cards| Quality Printing London

15 September 2016

  THICK LUXURY BUSINESS CARDS 900gsm: For those of you who appreciate the impact of THICK high-quality printed material, you may wish to consider a triplexed thick business card 900gsm. Create a stunning end result by sandwiching a coloured board between the two front and back materials. You may choose from 11 colours, including black, blue, yellow, red, […]

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Die-cutting and Laser-cutting | Quality Printing London

6 September 2016

  The Industrial Revolution was the advent of the die-cutting process. During this era, manufacturers started using this process to quickly cut out distinct shapes of leather. The practice of die-cutting was gradually migrated from leather shoes, belts, bags, toys, textiles to paper and board in later years. The die-cutting machine consists of a wood mounted steel die that features shaped […]

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Design + Paper + Print = Impact | Quality Printing London

31 August 2016

  Over the past decade, there has been a sea change in the world of print. Advances in the design and imaging software, as well as the emerging presence of online printing, have made an industry that would be completely unrecognisable to the 15th century print pioneers. Today’s print media can still be rewarding and […]

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Mirri Board| Quality Printing London

23 August 2016

  For those looking to add a bit of metallic sparkle to their brochure covers, report covers, invitations, catalogues and business cards, Mirri Board is the solution. Mirri board is a laminate of high clarity metalized polyester film applied to a cast coated board.     Its metalized surface and bright, glossy finish can add dimension, aesthetic, […]

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The Sustainability of Paper and Print| Quality Printing London

17 August 2016

  Email signatures containing statements like ‘Think before you print and save a tree’ and ‘Please consider the environment before printing’ have been all over our email inboxes. But these mes- sages have not been scientifically proven and ignore the sustainability of print on paper. Paper is a highly sustainable, recyclable product and “the print industry is […]

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Laser cutter & die-cutting system |Quality Printing London

2 August 2016

    The laser cutter system, cuts, engraves, creases, perforates and offers personalised kiss-cuts. The laser cutter can cut with incredible precision and care to ensure high quality print and finishing. To see it in action click on video below.     The picture below is an example of a complex laser cut job. It features Namecut Technology which […]

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5 rules for great business card design |Quality Printing London

25 July 2016

Business cards may be small, but their power should not be underestimated. They can win new connections and grow business opportunities. Here are our top tips to create effective and innovative business cards that are aesthetically pleasing and fused with emotion, ensuring to leave a long-lasting and favourable impression. 1. Visual experience The front and back looks clean and professional, […]

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Corporate Stationery| Quality Printing London

19 July 2016

One of the most important parts of business communication and marketing is having a branded stationery. Whether you are sending out quotations, invoices or product information, it’s imperative that you display your company logo and contact details to reinforce your brand. A well-designed letterhead is the perfect way to attract potential customers as they show professionalism, […]

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High-quality Invitations| Quality Printing London

15 July 2016

Hosting an event or corporate party? Then you will, of course, need invitations! Invitations are your first opportunity to give your guests the right impression about what they are likely to expect from your event, so make sure they are printed on high-quality paper! With a combination of thick paper and unique print processes, such […]

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Who says print is dead?| Quality Printing London

12 July 2016

In today’s digital world, print still matters! A strong web presence might be critical to your business’s success, but print is still a necessary part of the marketing mix – it is tangible and adds credibility to your brand. Whilst digital marketing efforts allow immediate responses, print marketing makes long lasting impressions. Have you ever […]

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