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22 May 2019

Case Bound Hardback book at Solways Quality printers London

Casebound hardbacked hardcover books at Solways printers quality printing London

Casebound hardbacked hardcover books at Printlogic Solways printers quality printing London || Factory in Belvedere South East London

Time to explore case bound – hardback books also known as coffee table books. Full of print with emotion and a special message.

Why choose a hardback book to promote your brand when a magazine or softbound book will carry the same information at a lesser price?

It is all about your brand position:  an emotional engagement with your clients and prospective clients – a book ! When your prospective clients look at some of your printed matter, you are showcasing the quality of your own company.

Elegant and timeless, hardback books are still the best way to go when it comes to sending a message.

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Printlogic Solways Printers offers print processes away from the mainstream. Our specialties encompass specialist print processes: duplexed (THICK) business cards, triplexed (EXTRA THICK) business cards, watermarking, foil blocking, embossing, digital embossing, Indigo digital, die-cutting, thermography, lithography, Book production and Magazines.

Prepared by Tim Solway – Quality Printing in London since 1967

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