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23 April 2019

You’ve tried the rest, now come to the best!

What are the benefits of having a luxury printed brochure for your business?

  1. Advertise your services in a visual and memorable format.
  2. Reflect your high quality business standards with high quality print.
  3. Demonstrate your professionalism by placing all of the information about your business at your clients’ fingertips.

These are just a few of the reasons you might choose to invest in a luxury brochure to advertise your business but there are many more…

If you would like to discuss your requirements for luxury brochures, or any other print needs your business might have, get in touch with Tim or Barry on : 0800 852 1100

or e-mail: or Tim at

Printlogic Solways Printers offers print processes away from the mainstream. Our specialties encompass specialist print processes: duplexed (THICK) business cards, triplexed (EXTRA THICK) business cards, watermarking, foil blocking, embossing, digital embossing, Indigo digital, die-cutting, thermography, lithography, Book production and Magazines.

Prepared by Tim Solway – Quality Printing in London since 1967

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