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6 March 2020

Creating luxury printed products are what we do best here at Printlogic Solways Printers. 50 Years is a long time in business so we can boast that we have seen many trends come and go and then return….

I am sure that many of you would be interested in scented paper and the production process. Yes, we are talking about paper that is able to give off an aroma to support your branding, creating impact, emotion and recall.

I can tell you that fragrance oils are used to create microcapsules. These capsules are formulated into an mixture that has the consistency of ink, we call it “smink” (smelly ink).  This smink can be printed onto the pre-printed sheets in different methods. These capsules hold in the scent which becomes live when agitated. Without the capsules the scent would become inert over time.  

We recently had an enquiry for a methanol based scent. The biggest hurdle was that methanol is alcohol. It is a colourless FLAMABLE liquid. Our factory would have become a potential bomb…..  the mailer would be a safety hazard in the public domain! To get around this problem we would have created a synthetic scent without the flammable constituents. With the min quantity requirements for this process, rather regrettably, we were unable to progress the 20 brochure project.

Just supposing that your order was for 500k printed promotional items then our reply would have been somewhat different. Typical applications for these scented projects are not for the perfume industry but consumer products. For example; deodorants, shampoos, air fresheners and new car smells.

We are all about luxury and innovation. Please consider Printlogic Solways Printers for your future print projects.

If you wish to chat my direct number is 07973 279 969 Best wishes Tim and Barry | Quality Printing London | Factory in South East London |

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Prepared by Tim Solway – Quality Printing in London since 1967

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